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An original sampler

by Ellen Chester of With My Needle

- inspired by the samplers worked by girls

at the Ackworth Quaker School in the UK

over 200 years ago


Thread & fabric packs below are available for the

Sampler Blessings Challenge - 2024

until 31 December 2023.


To order - please email:

Quaker Sampling IV -

008.IV:FB.  Belfast  -  Platinium  or  Flax          $8.00

                    11"  x  12"


008.IV:TS.  Sampler or Simply Shaker            $5.50          

                     Colour  -  your choice


Quaker Sampling V -

008.V:FB.  Belfast  -  Platinium  or  Flax          $10.00

                    12.5"  x  12.5"


008.V:TS.  Sampler or Simply Shaker            $5.50          

                     Colour  -  your choice


Mini Quaker Samplers

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