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Mystery Samplers

Barberry Row  offers needlewomen the opportunity to stitch a "Mystery Sampler"

?  What is a "Mystery Sampler"  ?

The complete sampler design remained a mystery until completed.

As each section was worked month by month it was revealed.

~   Each participant   ~

  • Receives chart, instructions and stitch diagrams each month for six months

  • Chooses the thread colours that are their favourite colours

or uses those as per the original design

  • Chooses their favourite fabric type, colour and count

or uses those as per the original design

~   These samplers are to become the needleworkers own creation therefore they can   ~

  • Change a suggested colour shade or substitute it with an overdyed thread

  • Change or omit a band section

  • Add a stitch or a verse


At the conclusion of the six month project the sampler design is published as a complete design.

Completed Mystery Samplers are shown below and are now available for purchase.

Fabric and threads are not included with the design but may be purchased.

 NOTE:  Mystery Samplers are no longer being designed.

Replaced with an original sampler available every September  -  Sherelyn's September Sampler


Mystery Samplers -

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