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Each year Barberry Row  &  Heirlooms Needlework Gallery enjoys setting up an exhibition

to showcase the needlework - finished and unfinished - worked by my friends

at the needlework gallery.

The main exhibition will be a specific Barberry Row project that has been worked on,

usually the Mystery Sampler

but other pieces worked by the same needleworkers will also be on display.

It is fascinating to see how the needlework design can look so different

due to the needleworkers choice of thread and fabric colours

or their own personal additions and/or adaptions.

Visitors to these exhibitions receive lots of inspiration and enjoyment

and I sincerely hope you do too as you view the following -

Sherelyn.  Blog.JPG
Butterfly Sampler.jpg
Family Quaker.jpg
Invite.Exhibition.Sampler.2016. Poster.j
Nostalgic Needle.jpg
WMN. Joy. Multi.  Blog.JPG
DSCF3302 - Blog.JPG
Invite.Exhibition.Alphabets.2017. Poster

Christmas is often celebrated too -

jbw270.  Petite French Stockings.  3493.
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