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Inspirational Gallery

The following images of needlework pieces

are to inspire you to pick up your needle, threads, fabric and a design that you love

to create a piece that will become a family heirloom and a forever remembrance of you

and your wonderful gift and skill as a needlewoman.


The needlework designs featured can be found under the headings

of   Barberry Row Designs  or   Other Designers

Note:  OOP  =  Out of Print

JBW Designs  -

Throughout our home -


GPA  -

GigiR  -

Barberry Row  -

The Sweetheart Tree  -


With My Needle  -

A Welcoming Sampler

The Sweetheart Tree


Cherished Memories  -  OOP


Sampler 2011

Barberry Row


The Wedding Anniversary Collection

-  Barberry Row  -

Treasured As Pure Gold

 More Precious Than Rubies

A Pearl of Great Price

An English Garden Sampler  -  OOP


Family Quaker Sampler

Barberry Row

1010x.Wild Thyme.JPG

Wild Thyme

Barberry Row

WMN.  Remember Me.  DSCF3356.JPG
WMN.  Be Kind.  2017.  DSCF3351.JPG

Remember Me Sewing Pocket

With My Needle

Be Kind and True

With My Needle

PP. Vineyard..JPG
PP. Grape.JPG

Vineyard Sampler  -  OOP

Periwinkle Promises

GF. Some Things.JPG

Some Things Are Loved  -  OOP

In A Gentle Fashion


Victorian Lady  -  OOP


Family Quaker Sampler

Barberry Row

Garnet Sampler  -  OOP

Periwinkle Promises

SWT. Marriage.JPG

To Have And To Hold  -  OOP

The Sweetheart Tree

BARB. Orford.JPG

The Orford Sampler

Barberry Row

Sherelyn.  Blog.JPG

Grape Delight  -  OOP

Periwinkle Promises

swt, Heirloom Roses.JPG

Heirloom Roses  -  OOP

The Sweetheart Tree

JN. Pansies Please.JPG
Copy of JN_edited.jpg

Pansies Please  -  OOP

Just Nan


Family Quaker Sampler

Barberry Row

Favoured Shades Sampler

Barberry Row


Inspirational Gallery -  GigiR

GR. Elizabeth.JPG

GR : EP  -  Elizabeth Precious  1817

GR. Biedermeier.JPG

GR : BS  -  The Biedermeier Sampler  1864

GR. Adeline.JPG

GR : SA  -  Sweet Adeline  1873

Eliazbeth Wendon. Gallery.e.jpg

GR : EW  -  Elizabeth Wendon  1864

Frisien Sampler.JPG

GR : FS  -  Frisien Sampler  1750

GR. Julia  L. Fooks. 1633.JPG

GR : JL  -  Julia L. Fooks  1892

GR. Samplers. Antique Only. Susie Pierce.  5.4.22.JPG

GR : SP  -  Susie Pierce  1889

Original antique sampler

GR. Sampler. Susie Pierce. Reproduction.  5.4.22.JPG

GR : SP  -  Susie Pierce  1889

Reproduced sampler

GR. Samplers. 5.4.22.  1661 (3).JPG

GR : AG  -  Ann Gould  1821

GR : SA  -  Sweet Adeline

Over one fabric thread

GR :  PS  -  Petite Susana

Over one fabric thread  & over two fabric threads

GR : JF  -  Julia L. Fooks  1892


Inspirational Gallery  -  With My Needle

wmn.primer.  100_1106.JPG

WMN : BLUE  -  Blue House Primer

wmn.  remember.  DSCF3348.JPG
WMN.  Kind.  DSCF3357.JPG

WMN : KIND  -  Kind and True

WMN.  Remember Me.  DSCF3356.JPG

WMN : REM  -  Remember Me Sewing Pocket

wmn.  huswif.e  DSCF3030.jpg

WMN : HUSWIF  -  Mrs. Waddelow's Huswif

WMN.  Quaker Samplings.  2017.  DSCF3346.JPG

WMN : QU  -  Quaker Samplings

WMN.  Of Female Arts.  DSCF3342.JPG

WMN : FEMALE  -  Of Female Arts

A work in progress

JBW.  Alphabetique.  Jan 2021.JPG

Inspirational Gallery  -  GPA  (Giulia Punti Antichi)


GPA : ICE  -  An Icelandic Sewing Set

Simply Shaker Sampler Thread :

Black Raspberry Jam


GPA : ICE  -  An Icelandic Sewing Set

Simply Shaker Sampler Thread :


GPA models.jpg

GPA : BPILLOW  -  Blue Sewing Pillow   :   GPA : Black  -  Black Elegance Pincushion   :   GPA : FLACE  -  Flowers and Lace Sewing Pillow

gr. ann hull's brooch.JPG

GPA : AHB  -  Ann Hull's Brooch     :     GPA : PURSE  -  Peacocks Purse

GPA. Winter Doll. 02.JPG

GPA : WIN  -  Winter Pincushion Doll


Inspirational Gallery  -  JBW Designs

JBW 394. Chintz Alphabet. 1645e.JPG

JBW 394  -  Chintz Alpabet

Limited Edition Kit  -  Pincushion & Fob

jbw345. With Love.JPG

JBW 345  -  With Love

307. Monogrammed Tulips.JPG

JBW 307  -  Monogrammed Tulips

333. Ooh La La.  1905.JPG
333. Ooh La La.  1904.JPG

JBW 333  -  Ooh La La  :  two pattern choices

jbw305. Joy of Living.  Blog..JPG

JBW 305  -  Joie de Vivre  :  Joy of Living

246.Needle Roll.JPG

JBW 246  -  Needle Roll & Needle Case

240.Birds & Berries..JPG
256. Mini Tote.  100_1116.JPG

JBW 256  -  Monogrammed

Mini Tote

196.FC.Monogram Collection.  100_1108.JPG

JBW 196  -  French Country  :

Monogram Collection

JBW 240  -  Birds & Berries Antique Sampler

JBW.  Alphabetique.  Jan 2021.JPG

JBW 330  -  Alphabetique

Over one fabric thread

& over two fabric threads

257. Rose Motif Sampler.JPG

JBW 257  -  Rose Motif Sampler

252.The Rabbit Sampler.jpg

JBW 252  -  The Rabbit Sampler

096.A Floral Bouquet.e. Blog.  DSCF3407.JPG

096  -  A Floral Bouquet

179.FC.Armour. Tea Rose.     DSCF3406.JPG
179.FC.Armour. Pomegrante. DSCF3405.JPG

JBW 179  -  French Country  :  Amour

Simply Shaker Sampler Threads  -  Tea Rose  &  Pomegranate

Over one fabric thread  &  over two fabric threads


Inspirational Gallery  -  The Sweetheart Tree

swt.200. Tiny Blackwork Sampler.JPG
swt.200 & 204.Tiny Blackwork Sampler adaption. Blackwork Heart. 3872.JPG
swt.200. Tiny Blackwork Sampler.JPG

SWT : T 200  -  Tiny Blackwork Sampler    &    SWT :T 204  -  Blackwork Heart

Adapted tiny sampler design to create a pincushion & scissors fob

SWT.189.  Quaker Alphabet I.  DSCF2281.JPG

SWT : T 189

Quaker Alphabet Square I

SWT.189 & 190.   Quaker Alphabet I & II.e.  DSCF2279.JPG

SWT : T 189  -  Quaker Alphabet Square I

SWT : T 190  -  Quaker Alphabet Square II

SWT.190. Quaker Alphabet II.  DSCF2280.JPG

SWT :T 190

 Quaker Alphabet Square II

152. Tiny Quaker Potted Flower & Fob. blog.  DSCF3398.jpg
152. Tiny Quaker Flower & Fob. Mauves.  DSCF3399.JPG

SWT : T 152  -  Tiny Potted Flower & Fob

Sampler Thread  (Currant) 

&  Silken Pearl #10  (Sweet Peas)

swt.069. Old Quaker Flowers. 1008.  Blog.JPG
swt.069. Olde Quaker Flowers.  Ornamental.JPG

SWT 069  -  Olde Quaker Flowers

Sampler Thread  -  Blue Jay

&  Sampler Thread  -  Presidential Blue

swt.129. March Birth. 1017.  Blog.JPG

SWT : T 129

'March' Birth Sampler

151. La Fleur. blog.  DSCF3400.jpg

SWT : T 151  -  La Fleur

082. Cherry Blossoms Fob. DSCF3401.JPG
swt. Stay Calm & Stitch.  1903.JPG

SWT  -  Stay Calm :  OOP

096. Catnip Kitty Fob.  DSCF3402.JPG

~ The Scissors Fob Series  ~

SWT : T 082  -  Cherry Blossoms

SWT : T 096  -  Catnip Kitty

swt.135. September Birth.  1016.  Blog.JPG

SWT : T 135

'September' Birth Sampler

JBW 307  -  Monogrammed Tulips

swt.se022 . Quaker Floral Sampler.JPG

SWT : SE  022  -  Quaker Floral Sampler

Worked over one fabric thread with Silk 'n Colors  -  Cypress Umber


Inspirational Gallery  -  Various Designers


Pins  &  Needles

Forget-Me-Nots In Stitches


The Sampler Necessaire

The Marking Sampler

A Needlework Garden.JPG

Needlework Garden

Olde Colonial Designs

np. 02.JPG
NP. 01.JPG

Tokens of Love  -  Quaker Pinballs



Inspirational Gallery  :  Christmas  (JBW Designs,  The Sweetheart Tree  and  more  ....)  

Please visit the 'Christmas' page



Christmas - JBW Designs   (Exhibitions)

jbw270.  Petite French Stockings.  3493.
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