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The ThreadGatherer  -  Silk 'n Colors

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Silk is one of the finest stitching fibres available combining strength with a lustrous sheen


Majority of colours are space-dyed,

therefore subtle differences occur naturally between dye lots.

but some colours are solids
(the solid colours when stitched give a 'heathery' look)


Uses vary according to the number of ply used

Specialty stitches usually require more ply to cover

Washing of threads IS NOT recommended.

Quality dyes are used and textile industry standards are followed

for setting the colours in the fibres, but, if washed, colour fastness CANNOT be guaranteed.

5 yards  :  12 ply  :  $13.50  per skein


Due to the devastating flood that destroyed the

Heirlooms Needlework Gallery

currently only limited stock on hand  -   these colours are shown below

followed by all colours in the Silk 'n Colors range

Will special order colours for you  -  please request via Email  -


Colours Available -

    The Original Colours -

    Note:  Colours are discontinued from time to time

    The 300 Series: Some solid colours / some overdyed colours -

    The 1000 Series: Solid colours -


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