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From soft pinks to burgundy, to crimson, to rose red,

from pale sea blue/green to mossy greens, to woodland and forest greens,

from pale baby blue to sky blue, to indigo, to navy blue,

from mauve to lilac, to deep rich purple,

and so on  ...

One's choice of colour for their needlework is very personal and reflects their character and personality.

Shown below are beautiful thread choices that may be used in any of the  Barberry Row designs.

NOTE:  Changing the design thread type though is NOT recommended.

e.g.  Silken Pearl  -  choose from the Silken Pearl colour range

Silk 'n Colors   -  choose from the Silk 'n Colors colour range.



  PLEASE NOTE:  Colours shown on the Internet may not truly reflect their true colour,

therefore those shown on this site are for guidance only.

When ordering an overdyed thread, please ensure you order sufficient skeins for the complete project as dyelots can vary considerably.

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