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Fabrics  -  Linen

Prior to the devastating flood in February 2023

all fabrics as per those used in  Barberry Row  designs were available

unless our supplier was out of stock or the fabric had been discontinued by a manufacturer.

Fabrics could be purchased by -

Small  :  12"  x  14"  (30cm  x  35cm)

Medium  :  14"  x  16" (35cm  x  40cm)

Large :  18"  x  18"  (45cm  x  45cm)

Fat Quarter  :  20"  x  27.5"  (50cm  x  70cm)

Per Metre  :  100cm  x  140cm

Per Increment  :  10cm  x  140cm

Also by

Specific Size  :  As per design requirements​

(Please email with choice of fabric colour & count and design stitch count  -  w  x  h) 


Since the flood, only a few fabric types and counts are currently available

These are featured below and may be purchased as per the sizes above

Over the next few months, other fabrics and fabric colours will become available

Some flood damaged fabric

at SPECIAL prices

and pre-cut sizes is available.

This damaged linen has been renamed  -  GABRIELLE Linen

Click on the above image to view this special linen

WIX. Permin. 32e.jpg
WIX. Belfast.edited.jpg
Gabrielle Linen Logo. 02.png
Gabrielle Linen Logo. 01.png

Permin Linen  -  28 count

Permin Linen  -  32 count

Permin Linen  -  35 count

Permin Linen  -  40 count


Belfast Linen  -  32 count


Fabric Packs -  Precut sizes  -  various counts

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