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The Gentle Art

Sampler Threads & Simply Shaker Sampler Threads


Overdyed Cotton Threads

Muted colours

Sampler Threads give new pieces an aged appearance

Colour variations per strand are very subtle

When ordering an overdyed thread, please ensure you order sufficient skeins

for the complete project as dyelots can vary considerably.

Note:  Colour fastness not guaranteed

From The Gentle Art -
"At The Gentle Art we maintain a serious commitment to the quality  of our thread.
We work diligently to produce a product which is consistent, lightfast and has heirloom quality and longevity.
As with any hand done process, there are slight variations with each dyelot and there is a margin for error.
However, we strive to minimize this.
Each skein contains many colours of the same shade blended with care
to provide incredible visual richness and give your needlework a faded, antiqued look.
We have a wide range of colours and add new colours several times a year."

5 yards  :  6 ply  :  $5.50  per skein

10 yards  :  6 ply  :  $9.50  per skein  -  Available by special order  -  please order by email  :

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Sampler - Claret
Sampler & Shaker Threads
7068. Rose Garden.jpg
Shaker - Rose Garden

Working with overdyed floss is a fun experience.  Experimenting with overdyed floss is exciting.
Sometimes just one overdyed colour can add depth and variety to a piece.
Sometimes an entire piece looks terrific worked exclusively with overdyed threads.
Part of the excitement of working with SAMPLER THREADS is that no two stitched pieces
will look the same.  Each finished piece is an original.
With overdyed threads you need not worry about constantly changing thread colours in your needle:
one strand of our floss takes the place of several individual thread colours.

Because our threads are hand-dyed in small amounts, there will be colour and shade variations
from dye lot to dye lot.  We try to maintain some similarities between different dye lots of each colour,
but our threads will not match from one batch to the next.

We want our threads to evoke a mood rather than a static, assembly-line look.
We have named our threads with moods in mind  -
Evergreen, for example, can be like a Blue Spruce or Cape Cod Scrub Pine
(each has a different shading but is still an evergreen)

Since our threads have such subtle colour changes, it is possible to stitch cross stitch
the Danish method (working a row of half crosses out in one direction,
then working the top half of the cross stitches on the return trip).
Working an area in this method will give a more mottle appearance.
For a 'clearer' look, work by crossing each stitch as you go.
This second method will tend to leave the thread colour variations in  a more striped or patched look.
For plants we recommend working your stitches in vertical rather than horizontal rows.
This makes the plant or tree trunk look like it is growing up as nature intended.

To work, unhook the skein and pull out one length.
Cut this length in half, strip the floss stands as needed and you are ready to stitch.

To estimate the amount of thread you might need for a 'do-it-yourself' project:

Fabric Count:           32           # of Strands Used:          2          # of Stitches an 18" length covers  :          42  *

Fabric Count:           30           # of Strands Used:          2          # of Stitches an 18" length covers  :          38  *

Fabric Count:           28           # of Strands Used:          2          # of Stitches an 18" length covers  :          35  *

Fabric Count:           26           # of Strands Used:          2-3          # of Stitches an 18" length covers  :       32  *

*  These stitches were all worked next to each other and include tail lengths to begin and end   

There are so many possibilities for overdyed threads.  Try using some in your next project.
We think you will be hooked!"

Nancy Pfeifer  &  Catherine Theron

The Gentle Art

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