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Fabric  -  Linen  - SPECIAL

Gabrielle Linen

WIX. Permin. 32e.jpg
WIX. Permin. 32e.jpg

Renamed by me for its uniqueness, this linen has been inundated and water stained

by the devastating flood waters

caused by Cyclone Gabrielle in February 2023

that destroyed our home, property and the Heirlooms Needlework Gallery.

The linen was salvaged from the residual wet muddy sludge

after the waters had receded

and two awesome friends and needlework companions  -  Carol & Joy  -

worked tirelessly laundering and refreshing the linen.

The result is a linen that has varying shades of colour or small areas of differing colour

- but only subtle colour shades/changes -

thus giving it a slightly aged look

wonderful for reproduction samplers.

I am pleased to offer this linen to you at a special price

and precut sizes.



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